Abdominal Exercises for a Flat Stomach

You may be wasting time if you faithfully incorporate abdominal exercises into your routine workout in the hopes of getting a smooth, flat stomach. A number of people wrongly assume that by performing numerous abdominal exercises they are on the fast track to a tight belly. Truthfully, it takes a lot more than endless crunching to achieve a well-defined six-pack of abs. In addition to working your core muscles, you must shrink the fatty layer that is hiding your abs from view.

Try these Abdominal Exercises for a Flat Stomach and a Strong Core

– Lie on the floor and bend your knees 90 degrees with your feet two inches from the floor while keeping your legs together. With your hands at your sides (or behind your head if you prefer), concentrate on tightening your abs and raising your hips toward your chest. This exercise targets the lower half of your abs if performed correctly.

– Lie on the floor face down and raise yourself up on your forearms and toes. Keep your elbows aligned with your shoulders and keep your back straight. Try to stay in that position for 3 – 5 seconds. Relax and repeat. Eventually, if you practice this exercise long enough, you can hold the position for more than one minute. At this point, you will be maximizing and strengthening your core muscles.

A Flat Belly requires Good Nutrition

You cannot increase muscle and reduce body fat without good nutrition. A diet of rich protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates are the basis for a well-rounded diet. The key is to eat several smaller meals throughout the day. Not only will this keep you from getting hungry, it will boost your metabolism and burn more fat.

Other tips include always eating breakfast, getting enough calcium and eating enough calories to fuel your metabolism. And most importantly, drink plenty of fresh water all day every day.