Easy Stomach Exercises to Try

Many people wish to have a great body and end up committing a lot of their time and efforts to go to the gym. However, some types of workouts require one to perform tedious training in order to achieve good results. For people anticipating having a flat tummy, here are some easy stomach exercises you can try.

First, lie on the floor with your head facing down and your forearms supporting your head. Lift your tummy up from the floor and try to stand on your toes while your elbow is supporting your body. Remember to maintain your back in a flat position and ensure that your whole body is aligned.

Remain in this position for about thirty to sixty seconds then go back to your initial position. Repeat the whole process once again up to three times. Another workout that you can try is making your body to relax and then breathe in deeply to fill air into your lungs, and then breathe out slowly.

While breathing out, try to move your belly to the direction of your spine and hold for about ten seconds and then allow it to move back to its original position. By doing this, you will experience contraction and burning of your deeper muscles. Repeat the whole process once again up to five times.

The last easy stomach exercise you can try is to first lie on the floor with your back facing down and ensure the lower side of your back is also on the floor. With your hands behind your ears, try to lift up your knees to make an angle of forty five degrees.
While you are still at this position, start moving in a way like your are peddling a bicycle while at the same time touching your knee with your opposite hand elbow and vice versa. Always make sure that you are breathing in a relaxed and evenly manner when doing these easy stomach exercises.