Examples of Mens Stomach Exercises

As males grow old, their tummy muscles tend to lose tendency naturally and become loose resulting in a big belly. To be able to reduce or completely eliminate the belly, mens stomach exercises is very important as it makes one to have a very healthy and good shape.

One common workout is where you sit down on a flat surface while bending your knees and keeping the feet horizontal on the ground. Then get a weight and while holding it on the front side of the chest, bend back to make an angle of forty five degrees with your back.

Quickly twist your upper body to the right, then left and back to the middle. Repeat this process once again in three sets of between eight to twelve times. You can also try laying on the back while bending the knees and maintaining the feet horizontal on the ground.

Take a dumbbell on both hands and straighten the arms over the head to make them horizontal on the ground. While tightening your abdominal plus pelvic muscles the upper body will be lifted above the floor. Ensure that your arms are corresponding to the upper body.

Then move down the arms as well as upper body to the ground. Repeat the whole process around eight to twelve times. Another workout is where you lay on the floor with your back facing down and the lift the legs to be at right angle to your upper body. While bending the knees a little, put the palms on the ground on either side.

Then raise the hips up to move the legs to the direction of the upper body, and twist the hips towards the right. Move the hips back to the initial point and redo, twist your hips towards the left. Repeat the whole process once again around eight to about twelve times for either side. The above mens stomach exercises helps to cut down the belly and give you a new and attractive look.