Exercises for Stomach on Exercise Ball

Exercises for stomach on exercise ball are effective ways to train and achieve successful results because during the process, a lot of work is done by the abdominal part of the body. One is also able to engage the whole body to attain stability during the progress.

Here are some of the workouts that when properly followed will give you successful results. First, position the ball below the lower part of the back; put the arms at the back of the head or cross them on top of the chest. Lift your upper body away from the ball by contracting the abdomen and pull the ribcage base downward to the direction of the hips.

Ensure to keep the ball stationary as you roll into it, and then move down the back to elongate the abdomen and redo the process for one to three sets about twelve to sixteen times. Another work out is to bend with the ball in front and your hands on it but in parallel positions while your elbow is also bent.

Move the tummy in the direction of the spine while contracting the abdomen and gradually turn over on the front side and away the best you can until you experience engagement of the abdomen. Always be careful not to move very far because you might injure the back or fall down.

This type of workout does not require the hip to bend, so always ensure that the hip is in a straight line during the training. While maintaining the whole body in a straight line, draw your backside with the help of your abdominals and arms. Carry on for about one to three sets of eight to twelve times.

This type of training is not recommended for people having back problems. Most exercises for stomach on exercise ball are demanding workouts that are intended to work on the central part muscles. Some moves require a lot of concentration to keep away from hurting the back.