Get The Right Mindset When Faced With Stomach Exercises

Most people want to look and feel fit. So we set about starting an exercise regime. The stomach area is the one part of out body which we desperately want to improve. We want huge results and we want them fast. However there is so much information on health and fitness online. There are so many fitness programs claiming that their way is the best and only way.

Well we should all take on board that we need to actually carry out the stomach exercises we have decided upon or been given. We need to be focused and more importantly, consistent. We might be shown an exercise that is proven beyond doubt to be the best thing to hit the fitness arena in a 1000 years. But if we don’t consistently carry out that exercise, we will fail as we have before. In order to achieve maximum results we must be consistent. We’ve got to work ourselves…hard!

It is important to know that for different parts of the stomach there are different exercises. So when starting your new fitness program you should put in place exercises for all of those areas. There are four areas and they are: The obliques, these are muscles on the side of your stomach. Then there are the lower mid and upper abdominals. Crunches are a popular stomach exercise.You will need to use a basic crunch which would have you working on your abs and the side crunch for is for your obliques.

Here is a stomach exercise recommended by many expert fitness coaches. Lay flat. On your stomach. Make sure your legs are straight, hold your hands together and then with your arms slowly bring your body up. The same way you would if you were doing a full body push up. Make your body straighten. Keep yourself there. For as long as you can bear. This will strengthen your entire stomach, it’s a much used stomach exercise. This is an excellent movement to strengthen the whole of your stomach.