Some of The Best Stomach Exercises

Having a strong and flat stomach makes us feel good about our bodies. We’ll look at the top three best stomach exercises and what they involve.

1.The Bicycle Exercise
This is an exercise which aims at achieving the “six pack.”
. Lying on the floor facing up, put your hands at the back of your head and support it lightly with your fingers.
. Let your knees come to your chest and without exerting pressure on your neck, lift your shoulders.
. Turn to the left, heading your right elbow towards your left knee and at the same time stretching the right leg.
.Alternate sides so that now you bring the left elbow close to the right knee as you straighten your left knee.
. Keep switching sides as if riding a bicycle and do three sets of 16 reps.

2. Captain’s Chair workout
You can do different exercises on this chair to strengthen your stomach muscles since it allows you to bend your knees hence enabling you to concentrate more on the stomach.
.Standing on the chair, grasp the hand-grips so that the upper body is well supported
. Put your back against the chair pad and clinch your abdominal muscles so that the legs are raised and knees lifted towards the chest.
. Avoid bending the back and swinging your legs up
. Gently, lower the back down and do three sets of 16 reps

3. Crunch on a Ball
This is one of the best stomach exercises for the fact that in spite of the whole body being active, the abs do the major part of the workout.
. With the ball on the floor, lie on it so that it is placed under your lower back
. Put your arms at the back of your head
. Contract your stomach muscles so that your body is raised from the ball, drawing your ribcage to the hips
. Make sure that the ball does not move when you bend
. Bend down your back stretching your abs and do three sets of 16 reps