Stomach Exercise for Bad Back

People suffering from backache are aware of the consequences of not doing any workout which may assist to make the body stronger. It is therefore important that people with backaches are able do stomach exercises for bad back to aid reinforce their muscles. It also helps to restore your energy and make you active.

A simple and effective one is where you start by laying on the floor with the back facing downwards, bending your feet while maintaining it on the ground. Maintain your body in a relaxed manner and breathe in deeply then pull the belly button in the direction of the floor as well as the tailbone to the ceiling direction so as to make your abdominals tight.

As you breathe out, allow the contraction to be released and repeat the whole process once again up to ten or twenty times. Another easy workout is to sit in an upright position putting your shoulders above the hips on the periphery of a firm chair.
Gradually, move one foot from the floor and lift it up straightening it on the floor the farthest you can. Restore it to its initial position on the floor and repeat the process with the other leg. Ensure that you engage the abdominals during the whole training period by keeping an upright posture.

You can also try another style where you stand with the shoulder feet distance apart and the shoulders directly above the hips. Then put the hands on the waist and bend softly towards the left. Return to the center and repeat towards the right.

Afterwards, bend towards the front gradually while maintaining a straight backside. While maintaining your belly button towards your back, bend to the front and try to achieve and angle of forty five degrees. Repeat the whole process once again up to ten to twenty times. Any of the stomach exercises for bad back stated above will help to make the backside muscles stronger and relieve the pain.