Tried and Tested Post Surgery Stomach Exercises

After an abdominal surgery, the amount of physical activity that you can do will be very limited for quite some time. However, it does not mean that you will also have to eat less, because the fact is, during the recovery period, you will be recommended to eat a variety of foods that can help you get back into shape sooner. In this case, you take in more calories than your body can burn, thus the growth of adipose tissue or fat especially in the belly area. To avoid this, you may want to do post surgery stomach exercises that many people in your situation have tried and tested.

Before you can do a standard routine, you will have to strengthen your abdominal muscles first. Lying flat on your back, slowly raise your legs without bending your knees. If you don’t feel any pain, repeat it 10 times, and rest for about 2 minutes. Do the routine again, increasing it this time to 15 repetitions. Do another set of 20, and massage your stomach gently until it relaxes. Do this for a week until your belly gets used to it. Afterwards, following the same position, you may try bending your knees and pulling them towards your upper body. If no pain is felt, repeat the procedure 10 times and so on until you complete the 3 sets.

It should be noted that while doing post surgery stomach exercises, you should never hold your breath, or else it will put pressure on the abdomen and cause pain. Also, it is always best to consult your doctor before deciding to exercise. Following prescriptions is a must for your safety, and to gauge your readiness for any physical activity. You may already feel fine and ready to take on the challenges again, but if your body says otherwise, you just can’t be allowed.